The Ignite and Rise Academy

Explore our self-paced online courses through The Ignite and Rise Academy

A school designed to help you manage your mental health, while improving your quality of life

Do you feel like you are stuck thinking about the past more than you think about the present?

Are your emotions controlling you more than you are controlling them?

Do you long for more meaningful connections with the people in your life?

Are you unsure of what your purpose in life is?

Then you have come to the right place!

It is no coincidence that we are meeting right here and right now. The time has come for you to embrace transformation and create the life that you deserve.

Through a variety of courses, the Ignite and Rise Academy is designed to give you the tools necessary to:

  • Heal from your past
  • Manage your emotions instead of letting them overwhelm you
  • Rediscover the joy in every day
  • Ignite and actualize your soul purpose
  • Create a life that fully complies with your values and passions
  • Have stronger and more positive connections with others

Each skill you will learn through the academy will help you to tackle the obstacles you are experiencing, as well as any obstacle that you are faced with in the future.

You deserve to live life to the fullest, and I am dedicated to ensuring that you have all of the resources you need to ignite your soul purpose and become your highest self.

Take the plunge and come transform with The Ignite and Rise Academy. You, more than anyone, deserve your utmost time and attention.