The New Face of Accessible Online Therapy

In the past few years, the therapy field has grown significantly in the online world. In the past, therapy was widely experienced with a therapist in person talking face to face. While this was an effective format, many individuals weren’t able to access therapy due to issues with cost, insurance, or location, and marginalized populations were often maltreated if they did have access to help. However, with the new online format, therapy has expanded to reach populations that might not otherwise have access to therapy through video sessions as well as chat sessions. Online therapy provides a range of cost-effective services that reach more people than ever while presenting various forms of therapy rather than just traditional talk therapy.

AYANA is an up and coming online therapy community built specifically to serve marginalized and intersectional communities. Every therapist is licensed and knowledgeable of the issues facing individuals from marginalized and intersectional communities. AYANA is accessible through an app, and individuals can complete a questionnaire to be matched with an appropriate therapist. What is great about AYANA is that they believe that receiving help is a right, not a privilege, and they aim to make care accessible for all through video calls, phone calls, and text support.

I am so excited to see how the therapy field is expanding through our increased technology, and how therapists are working hard to break the barriers that individuals from marginalized and intersectional communities face. Mental health is so important, and help shouldn’t just be offered to those who have the financial or location ability. AYANA is a huge step forward in ensuring that therapy is accessible for all, and I look forward to seeing the impact that AYANA makes in the mental health field.

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